1. Blog update and Resources to Know Truth

    December 11, 2018 by missionsandmysticism

    Our blog at this point hopes to focus on some good resources that direct our readers toward truth!  So much …
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  2. New Mission Trip Opportunities

    November 9, 2018 by missionsandmysticism

    Ezra Cambodia “God has also given us the incredible opportunity to host short term mission groups from all over the …
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  3. New Resource-“Snatch them from the Flames”

    October 4, 2018 by missionsandmysticism

    This resource is a must see, it is free!  It is describing exactly what you or your children will encounter …
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  4. Part 2-World Race Testimony-secrecy and emotional manipulation

    March 30, 2018 by missionsandmysticism

    “The prophet who shall speak a word presumptuously in My name which I have not commanded him to speak, or …
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  5. World Race Testimony-Expectations of Secrecy and Silence

    March 26, 2018 by missionsandmysticism

    “Spiritual abuse thrives when there is no checks and balances set up to counteract the sinful actions. Abusers are shrewd. …
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  6. World Race Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

    February 28, 2018 by missionsandmysticism

    “But having right faith allows us to both mentally explain and endure our most broken human experiences and heal our …
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  7. Connecting with our Brokenness? Is this Biblical?

    January 15, 2018 by missionsandmysticism

    “Only those who have learned well to be earnestly dissatisfied with themselves, and to be confounded with shame at their …
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