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July 24, 2016 by missionsandmysticism

On several occasions Seth Barnes has blogged about authors whose writings have influenced him. 

His posts on the most transformative books he has read  part 1and part 2 include books written by false teachers Bill Johnson and Peter Wagner, as well as mystics Henri Nouwen, Richard Rohr, and Frederick Buechner.

In his post titled 11 Books in 11 Months Seth lists books that he feels will help young people on the World Race grow spiritually during their 11 months abroad.  His list includes many of the same authors. (Interesting that he puts his own book on the list)

For those who are not familiar with some of these authors/teachers, information is provided below.

Bill Johnson of Bethel Church:

  • Bill’s theology embraces a doctrine that teaches that during His earthly ministry Jesus operated only as a man and not God. Johnson claims that Christ laid aside His divinity. Johnson says, “He performed miracles, wonders, and signs, as a man in right relationship to God . . . . not as God. If He performed miracles because He was God, then they would be unattainable for us”
  • Seth quoting Bill Johnson: “Our hearts know there is much more to life than we perceive with our senses; we are spiritually agitated by our lack of connection with the realm of the supernatural.”
  • Praise  “Bill Johnson is a favorite of racers.”

Peter Wagner-New Apostolic Reformation founder and “apostle and prophet”

  • Founder of the Wagner Institute is an international network of apostolic training centers…to meet the needs of leaders who have become a part of the New Apostolic reformation…….new teaching paradigm—impartation and activation—coupled with world-class instruction from proven apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers in an intimate classroom setting…
  • quote Seth says, “The book of “Acts” (by Peter Wagner)  is the best text on missions ever written…As a missionary and as the father of five, I took my kids through it over the course of a year”

Todd Bentley-NAR anointed- “apostle and prophet”

  • Praise from Seth “My initial opinion was more strongly focused around Bentley’s flaws, but since then I’ve moderated my perspective with the understanding that God doesn’t have servants who have fixed their sin issue, so he uses the flawed servants who are available and hungry…Whatever else he was, Bentley was hungry and available.  The issue is not, “Did God show up and change lives through what Bentley ignited in Lakeland?”  The answer to that question is “yes…be prepared to also consider the good fruit that he has produced there. To do otherwise is to risk missing God.” video of Lakeland

Jack Deere (Former Professor, Dallas Theological Seminary)

“Jack Deere believes the sufficiency of Scripture is a demonic doctrine, undermining our ability to hear His audible voice …”one of Satan’s most successful attacks has been to develop a doctrine that teaches God no longer speaks to us except through the written word. Ultimately, this doctrine is demonic even though Christian theologians have been used to perfect it.”  1990 Conference by Jack Deere, Cited by Mark Thompson in The Briefing, April 24, 1990

Frederick Buechner (American writer and theologian)

 What is the meaning of a Christian?  In his book Listening To Your Life, Christian author Frederick Buechner provides us with his compelling view on this question:
“… it is possible to be on Christ’s way and with his mark upon you without ever having heard of Christ, and for that reason to be on your way to God though maybe you don’t even believe in God.”

Seth on Buechner’s Listening to your life “I just love to read Buechner – he is so deep. This book is like a “greatest hits” of his other writings…I don’t know if it’s possible for wisdom to rub off just by reading it over and over, if it is, then put this one next to your Bible.”

There are also several websites/blogs/magazines that Seth recommends on his blog.  Information on these listed below.

Wrecked is another website run by Seth Barnes. (Looks like this is not an easily accessible page any longer when on their site. Hopefully this link will continue to work, the quotes below are copied from it.)He links to this site at bottom of the  Adventures website as a related site.  Here is how they describe friends.

“Friends-Wrecked for the Ordinary is a non-profit group dedicated to sharing stories about radical faith lifestyles. We depend on partners and friends for advertising and support.

These outstanding friends share a similar vision of pursuing a life of faith.

Several have helped us over the course of this project in one way or another other, and we love them for that. And many of these organizations are action-oriented justice sites, so check them out and plug in.”

Listed are Geez Magazine and Donald Miller.

 **As an update(11/5/16) , Seth is no longer listed as an author, however this link shows that Wrecked is published by Adventures in Missions as their online magazine.

Friends with Geez Magazine

Geez magazine describes itself as an online magazine that inspires “holy mischief in an age of fast faith.”…It’s called “Geez, “an exasperated exclamation derived from Jesus’ name that some Christians consider to be blasphemous.” The editor of Geez, Aiden Enns, reflects 

“My faith development took a hit when I abandoned objective truths such as Jesus is Lord. I still believe there is truth, but it shifts. Truth retracts and expands as we discover problems with what we praise as truth. This obliges me to withdraw my allegiance to old (but still alive) truths such as male superiority, heterosexism, and the multiple underpinnings of oppression.”

There are quite a few articles and references to the homosexual lifestyle and advocates of homosexual indocrination . Geez also writes about the feminist and gender confusion agenda denouncing God’s plan for marriage and gender.

The links in this chain of the mystical are never ending…also at Seth’s Wrecked blog one of his co-authors, Megan, states she is…

“Easily excited at any mention of self-awareness, honest truth, inner healing, and radical living. Dreams of enlightening others about the Enneagram as a tool for spiritual growth and writing books on practical tools for spiritual formation.” Here are some warnings about the Enneagram

Donald Miller, an emergent author and  friend of Seth’s also linked to on Wrecked as “sharing a similiar vision”, He denies total depravity stating people are basically good, this makes sense with  this information about Miller and the Enneagram This article states,

“The Enneagram is something that is promoted as a tool for assessing one’s personality traits. More insidiously, however, it has at its root some very troubling New Age theology; chiefly, the idea that all people are born with a Divine inner spark. Rather than being Christian in nature, this view of the Divine inner spark is distinctly eastern and panentheistic”…and “The closest thing the Enneagram has to the Christian concept of sin is that “unprocessed pain” (not sin) results in one’s life not running as smoothly as one wishes. This is in distinct contrast to the biblical understanding of sin, and is actually more Buddhist in theology than Christian”

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