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January 24, 2017 by missionsandmysticism

We want to offer some good news also, understanding that many of you have a heart for reaching the lost and are interested in finding a good organization that you can join to take the first step towards full-time mission work or are at a time in your life when short term missions is feasible. 

Missions involves us but it is NOT about us.

Look for an organization that has Christ as it’s focus, using the powerful written Word of God as it’s means of proclaiming the Good News. These can also be a resource in finding other organizations that are solidly Biblical. Also, remember, not everyone can “go” some are meant to be the “senders”. 

Wise Words  “The New Testament can simply be broken down into two imperatives: GO! or SEND! There are no additional options. Apathy is not permitted. It has been said that one either goes, or sends, or disobeys.

Are you a goer?
Are you a sender?

James Fraser, a missionary to the Lisu people in China, wrote to his prayer partners back home, “I believe it will only be known on the Last Day how much has been accomplished in missionary work by the prayers of earnest believers at home.”

 Consider this from Heart Cry Missionary Society,

…We must acknowledge that much damage is being done to the work of God on the “foreign field” by some of the teachings which are exported by Western Christianity. The superficial evangelism and church growth strategies that have done a great deal of damage to the cause of Christ in the West are having a greater and greater influence upon Christ’s ministers in the Majority World. In some cases, the very columns of the Christian ministry – expository preaching, intercessory prayer, sacrificial service, and personal evangelism – have been given a back seat to seeker-friendly strategies and state-of-the-art media presentations.

It is Heart Cry’s goal to encourage indigenous pastors and missionaries to continue striving to know God and submit their lives and ministries to the dictates of His Word. To put it bluntly, our passion is to demonstrate to God’s men that God’s Word is all-sufficient for all things in life and ministry. It is “profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work” (II Timothy 3:16-17).”

 Here are a few others to consider researching.

“Frontline Missions works to advance the Gospel by forming vibrant, Word-centered, disciple-making churches, especially in those regions of the world that have the least Light. We are driven by the same desire as the apostle Paul, who said it was always his ambition to preach the Gospel where Christ was not known (Romans 15:20). We pursue this goal by equipping Christians on the frontlines to reach their own people for Christ, by forming strategic partnerships with them, and by developing creative platforms in countries closed to traditional missions.”

“Over 2 billion people have no access to the Gospel, and most of them can’t be reached by those with “missionary” stamped in their visa. Frontline Missions International has developed a training and orientation program that will 1) help men and women begin to explore ways in which they can serve Christ in restricted-access countries and 2) serve local churches that are serious about addressing the Unfinished Task of taking the Gospel to people who have yet to hear.”

  • Word of Life Strong emphasis on Biblical study and has quite a few opportunities that meet many different stages of life, student to full time missionary. Long history of faithful proclamation of the Gospel.

“As we thank God for 75 years of seeing him transform people’s lives, it remains our humble prayer that we can somehow be used to reach this generation with the Gospel of Christ.”—Don Lough, Word of Life

“Word of Life desires to see every man, woman and child experience a relationship with Jesus, and our core purpose is to make an eternal impact on everyone’s lives we touch.”

Here is one example of an opportunity,

“The Launch program is designed to put you on the mission field, whatever your situation might be. We have identified key areas around the world that desperately need short term missionary help, and we want you to fill one of those needs. Lengths of service can range from 1 or 2 months to 2 years. You choose which opportunity and time frame is right for you. We’ll help you get there. Students, adults, families and retirees have preached, taught, built buildings, run programs, cooked, cleaned, and designed websites- all just a few examples of the hundreds of ways Launch has helped normal people use their skills for God’s glory on the mission field. So, are you interested in missions but not sure how your abilities can be used? Do you have some time that you would like to devote to missions work? Are you interested in (but still unsure about) full-time missions?”

“We are committed to boldly declaring and defending the gospel of Jesus Christ.” Romans 1:16-17

“We are committed to proclaiming the Supremacy of Christ as King.” Colossians 1:15-20 & 28

“Short-term teams provide much-needed staff support and resources to assist SOS in carrying out its mission, from construction projects, community outreach and education, to assisting SOS with its National Training Conferences and pastoral care visits. They also provide encouragement and fellowship with SOS Uganda staff, while giving the mission team participants a much deeper understanding for the ministry of SOS and why we are so committed to this mission and the precious people of Uganda.”

“We believe the most spiritually productive harvest field anywhere is among the children. The Tomorrow Clubs invest in the lives of nearly 13,000 children through a network of about 450 weekly Bible clubs. More than 1,800 committed volunteers share the gospel of Jesus Christ and offer caring, long term discipleship to children in under served communities across Ukraine and Russia.”

“At the heart of the ministry are the relationships that develop as leaders engage with kids in weekly club meetings, teaching them by example what it means to follow Jesus. Kids memorize scripture and learn biblical principles as they work through the Tomorrow Clubs curriculum. Our leaders also teach valuable life skills in hobby classes such as cooking, woodworking, music, and English language.”

“Our long term desire is to see Scotland’s housing schemes transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ through the revitalisation and planting of gospel-preaching churches, ultimately led by a future generation of indigenous church leaders.

To that end we will initiate a church planting and revitalisation effort by recruiting training supporting and sending church planters, female outreach workers, ministry apprentices, and short-term interns to work part of church planting teams within Scotland’s housing schemes.

We believe that building healthy, gospel-preaching churches in Scotland’s poorest communities will bring true, sustainable, and long-term renewal to Scotland’s schemes.” There are many opportunities short and long term with them.

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