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April 3, 2017 by missionsandmysticism

These Racers are certainly being led to the teaching of this heretical crowd, at the very least it is not discouraged or warned against. 

We do not believe AIM would call themselves part of the New Apostolic Reformation, but they certainly praise those we would associate with that movement, Heidi Baker, Bill Johnson, Peter Wagner, Mike Bickle, etc. and have similar “experiences” such as fire tunnels, gold dust, gemstones, etc. Their theology of Dominionism and focus on experience fits well also.

These are a few more links in the chain that are fairly easy to find, we could have listed many more. We have already written about other connections, see the “New Apostolic Reformation” tag.

Seth’s post at Bethel’s site  “When we arrived at the venue, we saw thousands of young people watching Bill Johnson speak. As we were walking in, suddenly, Johnson stopped and pointed right at me,” Ryan said. “You, there in the back. God says he wants to heal you of cancer right now!” Johnson exclaimed.” 

Racer heads to Bethel  “So this week at WorshipU, we have gathered as Worship leaders from around the world (around 700 of us) and have attended Holy Spirit filled, Kingdom Impact sessions with worship leaders, and teachers at Bethel here in Redding,CA. Some of the leadership I have had the privilege of sitting under teachings and engaging in worship sessions with are Jenn & Brian Johnson, Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Jeremy Riddle, …and Melissa and Johnathan David Helser…”

World Race The Awakening “Jonathan David Helser and his band led worship biblically” (Helsers now part of Bethel, see above)

Racers read Bill Johnson “just finished reading a book called Supernatural Ways of Royalty, by Kris Vallotton and Bill Johnson, from Bethel Church and Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry.”

On the Race, they listen to Kris Vallotton of Bethel “I have been listening to one of Kris Vallotton sermons about taking back our inheritance.”

Gold Dust  “she showed me the gold dust on her hands”

More Gold Dust “You opened up my hands and let me see the gold glitter dotted all over my palms.”

Gold Dust and Gemstones “We have been on the world race for little over two weeks and already I have seen more miracles than in like the whole last year. Legs growing out, eyes being healed, gold dust, a gemstone…”

Drunk in the Spirit, silver dust and gemstones  “gotten really drunk in the Holy Spirit and filled with His joy, seen two people’s knees healed, got a gemstone thing from heaven and some silver dust on my hands”

Seth recommends “Apostle” C. Peter Wagner to prepare for missionary service, “A conversation with a friend the other day sent me today to my marked up copy The Acts of the Holy Spirit by Peter Wagner. Let me commend it to you”

Ministry partners with Heidi Baker  “My month in Mozambique was spent at Iris Ministries in a city called Dondo. It was an interesting month spiritually and also in ministry. If you’ve ever heard of Heidi Baker, this is a branch of her ministry”

Seth commends Heidi Baker “Iris Ministries has experienced an incredible explosion of fruit”

Todd White, a source of teaching for Racers. “So we are traveling on this mini bus pretty much public transportation with other people and Todd White is blaring— preaching the Word!!

An easy google search brings up the concerns about the NAR, these are also two good resources to begin, from Berean Research and and Wretched Radio.





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