Testimonies of Gracious Mercy

May 25, 2017 by missionsandmysticism

“Brothers and Sisters, we are all liable to fall into errors of doctrine. The best-taught
man, apart from Divine Guidance, is capable of becoming the greatest fool
possible! There is a strange weakness which sometimes comes over noble spirits and
which makes them infatuated with an erroneous novelty, though they fancy they have discovered some great Truth of God. Men of inquiring and receptive minds are often decoyed from the old paths—the good old ways—and while they think they are pursuing the Truth,they are being led into damnable error!
He only is kept, as to his thoughts and doctrinal views, whom God keeps, for there are errors that would, if it were possible, deceive even the very elect! And there are men and women going about in this world with smooth tongues and plausible arguments, who carry honeyed words upon their lips, though drawn swords are concealed behind their backs! Blessed are they who are preserved from these wolves in sheep’s clothing!
Lord, You alone can preserve us from the pernicious errors of the times, for You are“the only wise God, our Savior.” Spurgeon on Jude

The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) and it’s connections to AIM are of great concern to us.  The testimonies of those who have experienced the NAR are a frightening reality and worth consideration as AIM holds to many of the same practices and beliefs.  We have shown many NAR connections.

All of the following people have been caught up in this movement and have graciously had their eyes opened to the deception when they compared what they were being taught to the written Word of God.  This movement has influenced many churches and mission agencies including Adventures in Missions. 

We want to share a few stories as testimonies are a powerful means of encouraging others and exposing error.  It is always easier to share your story if you know you are not alone, especially if you have been made to feel as though you are divisive or even crazy for questioning unbiblical teaching or “words from the Lord”.  If you can relate to any of the testimonies we have already shared or the ones below please consider helping others by sharing your own testimony in whatever way the Lord leads. 

These are from the “Leaving the NAR series“. For the entire testimony of each of these people, click on their name.

Dina’s Story

“The teachings in this church were focused entirely on the Kingdom of God and extra biblical revelation. These teachings were so “deep” that when you left, you questioned what you had just been taught, but it sounded so good, you accepted it….

I eventually mixed prayer with the soaking and loved having spiritual experiences. I prophetically sang words of the Lord over people and I loved the high that I got by doing so.  I loved these deep spiritual experiences so much that I wanted others to  have the same encounters. I thought that if only someone could experience His presence then they would become a true believer that God exists and want to follow Him. I always thought that one moment in His presence and you’ll never be the same. But I soon found out that it was not the case and no matter how many of these “experiences” we had, no one was changed and lifestyles remained the same. The worship in that church had become the “GOD” in that church. It was worshiped above the Word.  There was no substance or foundation to stand on, it was shallow sand….

I personally didn’t know enough of the bible to challenge anything I was being taught and I naively believed anything they said.  It all sounded too good to question, the words, the prophecies, the teachings of taking over the world.  We held all the power, we spoke it, we prophesied it, we commanded it, we prayed it, we were little gods and we believed it….

This is an exact representation of our concerns regarding “deep” teaching, soaking worship  and  addictive worship experiences at Adventures in Missions.  Experience trumps objective truth at AIM.

Jessie’s Story

“We felt so blessed because “the spirit moved” on a regular basis. It was full-on Toronto blessing time. I sometimes fell under the power of the spirit whilst leading worship. We would only have to touch one another to spread the “fire”. However I now believe that this was the Kundalini spirit – it was not the Holy Spirit.

It has taken me three years to come to the point of being able to say this, because my fear of committing the unpardonable sin is so strong. How can you call what is the Holy Spirit of the devil?   Well, they said it was the Holy Spirit and, judging by its fruit, it certainly was not…

Then there was the influence of Bethel Church…It has taken three years to come to terms with what I have found. Bethel operates in a different spirit to that of Jesus Christ in the Bible. What Bethel promotes sounds so good! I want to believe their gospel as it is far more politically correct. But it misses the whole concept of sin and repentance, let alone the total depravity of man. People love to be told that God loves them and has a great plan for their lives. Just listen to Paul Washer if you want a sharp contrast. Jesus Christ was NEVER politically correct, and suffered for it. No suffering for Bethel because they gloss over those awkward bits of the gospel.”

AIM and the Racers love Bethel Church. Seth says, Bill Johnson is a favorite of racers. He explains how kingdom living can occur no matter where you go.” AIM also neglects to speak of sin and repentance. We have written a bit about Kundalini.

Joshua’s story

“There was no solid foundation or assurance of salvation. My feelings always dictated whether or not I was “close to God”.  They were really big on preaching about the relationship between us and the Holy Spirit. They would teach that it is a two-way communication, just like in a marriage. So every impression or weird thought we got was probably God speaking to us, however we wanted to interpret it.

We would go out on the streets and set up a dream interpretation booth, to get people saved, I guess. Or just to impress them with our vague cold readings. We would have classes on how to interpret dreams.”

There are lots of vague visions and “words of knowledge” at AIM.  Project Searchlight has a prophetic room.  We struggle to believe that the Holy Spirit of God is at work where   the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not preached.  All we need to know is found in the authoritative, inerrant, infallible written Scripture, the actual Word of God.  Feelings are not a test of truth. 

Katie’s Story

“…someone had told me about YWAM (Youth With A Mission), and suggested perhaps I might also like to do a Discipleship Training School where I would learn to hear Gods voice, grow deeper with Him and then go on an out reach to a developing nation to share the good news of Jesus with the people. It all sounded pretty “Christian” to me!

This was my first time in an organized religious group, and to say I was overwhelmed is an understatement! The first night I was there we had a group worship time including speaking in tongues, prophesying, and from my perspective just a whole bunch of things that made me feel uncomfortable. However, I thought that this was what being a Christian was all about. We were told that being uncomfortable just meant we had to breakthrough into what God had for us on the other side.

On the second day of my 5-month adventure, after praying for most of the previous night about how I was feeling, I decided that I obviously wasn’t as Christian as I thought and that the best thing to do would be to leave, join a church and maybe come back when I had grown deeper with God. I’m so thankful God has made me a determined person, because leaving YWAM was not an easy task. I was made to feel like I was throwing away everything God wanted to do for me, all the things I needed to be healed from wouldn’t happen if I left, etc. I still left!”

AIM and the World Race partner with YWAM sending teams to work with them.

Erin’s story

“I was driven by a desire to experience what these people claimed to experience. I distinctly remember in the beginning being dissatisfied with just reading and Bible study. I wanted more. So, Biblically, I was driven by my own wickedness and foolishness (Matt 16:4, 2 Timothy 3:1-5) Everyone in this movement seemed to feel God’s love all the time and have crazy experiences, dreams, visions, prophesies. I never felt or experienced things like they felt. I wanted to prophesy. But the “prophesies” my old friends from my home church talked about were confusing and unclear, full of weird, meaningless symbolism that comforted and excited others, but as for me, they never actually answered the questions and longings I had in my heart. I was constantly seeking more prophecies and visions and signs.

I read the Word daily and couldn’t understand any of it. I wasn’t able to retain what I heard at my actual church on Sundays. I began to starve spiritually and I began to doubt my salvation. I knew something was really wrong with me, I just didn’t realize how I was sinning…I had been seeking a different spirit, when the Holy Spirit had been available to me the whole time. I’m so grateful I never had those powerful emotional experiences that I was seeking in the NAR movement; God had lovingly withheld them from me. I believe now that if I did have those experiences, it would have been a judgment from God for my stubbornness. Many in the movement stay there, simply over an experience they had one time that they’re convinced is real.”

We will continue to highlight some of these testimonies as they could be written by many who have and will come to see the truth of what AIM is all about. We pray they are used by the Lord to anyone that needs clarity.  Go to the Word of God.  It is all you need. Experience and supposed revelations lead to much error.

“Therefore if a man claims to have received a revelation of some fresh truth we should suspect him immediately . . .The answer to all this is that the need for prophets ends once we have the canon of the New Testament. We no longer need direct revelations of truth; the truth is in the Bible. We must never separate the Spirit and the Word. The Spirit speaks to us through the Word” Martin Lloyd Jones

“And have mercy on those who doubt; save others by snatching them out of the fire; to others show mercy with fear…” Jude 22

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