Second thoughts about the Race…What about all the money I raised?!

August 20, 2017 by missionsandmysticism

“What happens to my support money if I don’t continue with the Race?” 

“I feel conflicted about letting my supporters down if I don’t actually

go on the Race or if I leave the Race early?” 

We know of some Racers, who after raising a considerable amount of support money, developed concerns which made them question whether they should continue with the World Race. We understand that though you cannot have the money returned, it may be possible to transfer it to another mission organization. We hope this testimony is an encouragement to those that desire to serve elsewhere.

“Hi, my name is [anonymous] and this is my story about how I got the money I fund-raised back from Adventures in Missions. My story is not critical to knowing that there is a way to get your money transferred. I had raised about $4200 and when I chose not to go, I thought I was going to have the money sent back to the donors and all my hard work raising that would have gone to waste. I decided to find a different missions organization…

I decided to go with [another Christian mission org]. They seemed like a great organization to work with, and they were the best financially I found for what I wanted to do. I was able to be an intern in [another country] for a little over 4 grand for a total of 4 months!! My money was stretched so much further than I thought it could be.

I chose to hire a lawyer to write a letter [to AIM], but this may not be necessary if you just ASK! Since the money was donated it obviously will not be coming back to you personally. You have to have another organization already picked out with a trip in mind and either accepted to go or in the process of doing so. They have to have a credible missions organization to transfer the money over to.

I am not guaranteeing that this can work every time or that every case is the same, but I hope this STRONGLY encourages you if you decide against going and have already raised money, or are out on the field and you find out this is not right for you (For many reasons). Just know that if this is what may be stopping you from anything you have been thinking about, DO NOT let it.”

From what we understand, if you leave the Race and sign any sort of waiver, this will no longer be a viable option. 

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