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Warnings from other sources

Disrespect of World Race Parents

Pagan and Mystical Influence-some background

Mysticism influences AIM

Mentors, Influences and Praiseworthy Men

Missing the Gospel

What is the 42nd Generation?

Deceptive Experience

AIM and the New Apostolic Reformation

Narcissism and Dominion-Hallmarks of Adventures in Missions

The Awakening Conference

Adventures in Missions and the Emergent Church

Review of a Former Employee of AIM

Seth as Papa and Daddy

Of Prophecy and Healing at Project Searchlight

Repentance-an unbiblical view

World Race Short term missions trips with AIM

Testimony of a Former Racer

A Different Gospel

Is the World Race a cult?

Christ’s Birth, Death and Resurrection…ignored

More World Race testimonies

Cult Criticism-Conformity and Control

The World Race Parents Guide

World Race Training Camp-Testimony

Racer Testimony-Part 2 Redefining Grace

Wise Decisions about the Race

Heresy and a false Gospel-Seth’s connection to the G42 Academy

Alternatives to the World Race

Emotional Manipulation-AIM’s connection to IHOP

Encouragement for those on the Race

Part 2-Emotional Manipulation-Creating a Genuine Addiction

The Ancient Lie of Eden Retold

A Romantic Jesus

Leaving the World Race Early-Part one, two, three


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