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May 3, 2016 by missionsandmysticism

A quick google search on World Race Concerns reveals quite a few sources for discerning the error at the mission organization Adventures in Missions.

Many have commented on this last article, some, of course, in defense of AIM, but pay attention to those with concern.

Alex says, “One of the most troubling things was AIM’s connection to the New  Apostolic Reformation and Kingdom Now theology.”

Mark says, “After only 15 minutes at AIM’s site, this site and one other it is easy to determine that AIM is cultic – if not an outright cult – and it’s leaders are simply in touch with their own spirit guides ( demons ) which they have falsely believed is the Holy Spirit talking to them. I found the statement that they place discipleship above evangelism to be troubling as their idea of “discipleship” appears to include the concept of total obedience to leadership.

“I noticed red flags immediately at training camp with no mention of the name of Jesus for the first few hours of orientation and an immensely secularized worship session to get the kids pumped up…

Never in a million years would I ever want any of our students to experience or be exposed to what I went through on the World Race. I fear, that the majority of the young people who go on this trip, are lured away from the faith via emotionalism and a “do what feels good, God loves you no matter what” approach to experiencing freedom in Christ…After a very traumatic experience being exposed to NAR/Dominion theology and the likes of occultic practices through AIM...told that I was not there to preach the Gospel, or teach the bible, or concern myself with other people’s spiritual growth — I was there to learn how to hear the voice of God.

I was being told that I made things too theological and this was infecting others. When I asked for answers, I was always referred to Seth Barnes’s “Kingdom Journeys” and “the process”…Again, I was told I make things too theological. They went so far as to say that I make the word of God an idol. I got under the coordinator’s collar enough that she slipped up in evident frustration/anger and explained to me that the church spiritual formation is according to Ephesians 4, and that Seth Barnes is an Apostle...

The crazy thing about these leader types from headquarters is that they won’t address you or answer your questions without always prefacing with, “Ok, so what’s your Myers-Briggs personality and your spiritual gifting?”…

Many had fallen for AIM’s approach to acts of service as being enough to show the world Jesus — never once was it encouraged to preach the Gospel…I’ve been having trouble debriefing and suffering from panic attacks since the World Race. I was literally rescued by my church…The sad thing is that the majority of the participants don’t recognize they’re being indoctrinated or they don’t see red-flags or harm being done. After all, it’s a fun adventure of doing good works in the name of Jesus while discovering who you really are and being healed of baggage you have…etc…according to the spin…”

Testimony video-“Why I left the World Race”


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