Seth as Papa and Daddy

October 6, 2016 by missionsandmysticism

One of the signs of a cult is “Substitution”…Food for thought, an interesting consideration…

“The Cult and cult leaders often take the place of mother, father, priest, teacher, and healer.Often the members takes on the characteristics of a dependent child seeking to win the approval of the leader and or group.”

Parents, after reading our other posts is this what you want for your kids? Why are these kids even prone to calling him by this title? These are a sampling of the comments young racers are writing in response to Seth’s blogs.

“Oh daddy, you’re so great. I just love you. you set such a great example and make it so much easier for everyone else (me) to do the same. I love you!” Commentator

I call you Dad, we do so on account of your proven authenticity over the years. We count ourselves blessed to be fathered by you…I love you Daddy Seth Barnes Commentator

“Dear Daddy Seth,
Greetings! I love this and love you too much because you are my spiritual father

“great blog dad and i really love that picture of you and papa shearman.” Commentators

(see our post, What is the 42nd Generation?, for more about who Andrew Shearman is)

“…very few people will leave you feeling as encouraged as Papa Shearman will!” Commentator

“Dear Daddy Seth,
Thanks for the email.May God bless You.” Commentator

daddy, I just love your blogs/teachings/thoughts/sermons.” Commentator

This is what Seth says about “Fathering”.

“Fathers don’t give themselves the designation of “father,” sons or daughters do. Men who talk about themselves as fathers a lot probably do so out of their own need for affirmation. Be careful of them...”Don’t confuse authority figures, especially your pastor, with your spiritual father. Pastors may qualify as a spiritual father if they show up in your life over time in a deeply invested and personal way.”    Seth

how ironic…

“…And after considering, I chose the role of being a father…So now we’re focusing our attention on becoming a spiritual mom and dad to many of their peers.” Seth

how contradictory…

“He’d (Jesus) told me that a fatherless generation was growing up and that I should minister out of a fathering spirit.”  Seth

Jesus told him to father your kids…whose going to argue with that?  

“what people wanted from me was the fathering hat more than the boss hat.” Seth

It’s what the kids want?…as Seth so aptly (and ironically) said…

“Be careful” of those giving themselves the title of father.


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